Workshop Objective

The main goal is to bring together researchers working on exocomets, relevant areas of exoplanetary research and protoplanetary disks, as well as Solar System comet researchers. It will provide a forum to discuss recent progress in exocomet research, transfer knowledge between fields and prepare for the utilization of current and future observing facilities for exocomet research. Specific objectives of the workshop include, but are not limited to:                           

  • reaching a consensus on what techniques are the most expedient at determining exocomet composition given what is known about Solar System comets, and what future work would most benefit our understanding of how composition affects exoplanet atmospheres and the emergence of life.                     
  • providing useful constraints on Solar System science questions, e.g. exocomets’ size distributions, to confine planetesimal formation and dynamical instability models.
  • assessing how the physical processes affecting gas and dust vary in other stellar systems, under quite different stellar wind contexts, stellar luminosity, spectral type, and gravitational conditions.