New Vision of the Saturnian System in the Context of a Highly Dissipative Saturn

Four years after the end of the Cassini mission, we now have a good overview of the essential mechanisms that are at work in the Saturnian system. In particular, it is well understood that the Saturn system is like an ecosystem, where all parts of it are connected through complex dynamical interactions: rings, moons and magnetosphere; Saturn’s atmosphere and rings; Saturn’s deep interior and moons’ dynamics and interior through tides. However, important questions still require to be debated. In that respect, the recent discovery of a new tidal dissipation mechanism currently at play inside Saturn (Lainey et al. 2020) opens new roads for assessing the past history of this system. Hence, putting together all these aspects into one workshop is essential.

The objective of this Workshop is to try answering the five points below:


  • Rings age, moons age and formation scenario
  • Rings-Satellites composition and interactions
  • Origin and evolution of Enceladus heat flow
  • Tidal dissipation in the Jovian system in light of Saturn’s tides
  • Saturn’s like exoplanets after Cassini


The originality of our book will be the interdisciplinary (fully open to controversial ideas) approach, the introduction of up-to-date scientific results derived from Cassini, not published in any other book at the time. As a consequence, any reader interested in understanding the essential results and open questions concerning the rings and satellites of Saturn may find some interest in our book. Moreover, the multidisciplinary approach shall give the reader a broad sense of the current techniques used and theoretical knowledge acquired in planetology in 2022.

Workshop Participants